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Cella Smoove - Regal Recording, LLC
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Our clients are the most important part of Regal Recording period! Regal Recording is involved hands-on with the projects that it produces and makes sure to see them through from inception to completion. We feel that it is important to get to know our client, understand their vision as much as possible. We assess where they are currently, and where they’re trying to go with their company, event, music, etc. Regal Recording can then formulate a properly planned production that will generate the correct attention to whatever their niche is.


“CeMENting Foundations, Inc. is truly appreciative of the work that Regal Recording has done with and for us!! Their coverage, editing and all around video production of the J-Raz Annual Father's Day Cookout was nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL!!! We look forward to hiring Regal Recording for future projects."


Jeffrey Rascoe, Founder & COO of CeMENting Foundations, Inc. (18 Years providing the J-Raz Annual Father's Day Cookout)


​“Very professional work! I was extremely pleased with the work Regal Recording did producing the 20 years of Greatness DVD for the The George Goodman League. I will definitely be doing more business with Martin and Regal Recording in the future!" 


Miles Rawls, Founder & CEO of the George Goodman Foundation, Inc. and Commissioner of The World Renown George Goodman Summer Basketball League (20 Years in Business)


“We support those that provide a quality product through attention to detail and customer service satisfaction. Regal Recording is that type of company. The production and turn around time is like no other in the area. We are glad we went "the Regal way."


Jeffrey Rascoe, President of DeMarco Solar Clothing, Inc. (Over 10 Years in Business)


​“The video Regal Recording produced for my shop was exceptional! My family, friends and customers all had high praise for the video. I had several new customers come into my shop based on them seeing the video! Ultimate Cuts recommends Regal Recording to anyone seeking a quality Videographer to highlight their business. I will definitely be working with them again in the future!"


Colin Herndon, CEO Ultimate Cuts Barbershop, Inc. (25 Years in Business)

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